Kommentar von Poczman vom 27. November 2023 um 23:59 Uhr
Zur Spur „„Da haben wir ja hier Glück gehabt“ – Räumungstransport mit Halt in Glückstadt”

I am the son of Jacek Poczman, who is mentioned in the linked article as a witness to the incident mentioned above :https://www.spurensuche-kreis-pinneberg.de/spur/da-haben-wir-ja-hier-glck-gehabt-1-rumungstransport-mit-halt-in-glckstadt/?fbclid=IwAR3klZ_1Uj_SG1Q6pWflEYbMzldmVc6a5IZz8o4xoiN7ceLz5dIoN1DnAC4 As noted in Herr Binckebanck's comments to the article, my father emigrated to Australia after the War. After many unsettled years travelling around Australia he married my mother, also from Poland, in Adelaide in 1960. My brother and sister were born in 1962. I was born in 1963. My father died in 1978. I like to think our family and being so far away from Europe gave my father some security and happiness after the awful things he suffered and saw but I also know those events left their physical and mental mark. I remember the look in my father's eyes when as a small child I touched his camp tattoo and asked what it was. I have thought often about my father's experiences as a young man and how lucky I have been to have had the life he and my mother gave me. As I get older I am more and more interested in finding out more about my father and his experiences in World War 2, partly so my daughter knows her family history when she is old enough to know about these things. She is only 9 now. Do you have any further information about my father you can share? In particular are you able to share my father's statement to the public prosecutor? I also have information and documents about my father I have uncovered which may be of interest - see the attached for example. I look forward to hearing from you and perhaps even visiting your townto see the memorial plaque. As it happens I have close family in Berlin and Hamburg. Warmest regards, Mark Poczman

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